Quick Usage

2 - Place Pushlink.jar in your classpath

3 - Add internet permission and call Pushlink.start() method

Update Strategies

Status Bar
Friendly Popup
Annoying Popup


We love C#. Who don't? See a monodroid working sample using our official wrapper dll.
Keep writing everything in html5 without losing the management. Know our official phonegap plugin. (coming soon)
Continuous integration save lives. Push successful builds right to Pushlink. (coming soon)


Host your apk

Pushlink hosts your APK encrypted and uses renowned servers. All the traffic occurs over SSL (uploads/downloads). Daily backups are performed on extra cloud based servers. The APK will never be published or installed by others.

Manage Versions

Choose which version should be running on your clients' or company's devices. You can even set the strategy to use when updating:

  • Status bar - Android default behavior.
  • Friendly popup - A notice that there is a new version and the option to let the user update the application in his/her own time.
  • Annoying popup - A notice that there is a new version and the only option for the user is to update the application.
  • Ninja - Requires a rooted device. The update happens in the background and the user has no control over it.

Track Installations

Pushlink will show the number of online/offline installations running an specific application, showing how many are updated/outdated as well. Important metadata is also available for every installation, such as Device model, IMEI, Sim number; you can even add your own metadata, block or remove unwanted devices.

Track Exceptions

Get notified by email when an exception happens, track in which device and see the full Java StackTrace and screenshots. Pushlink catches all unhandled exceptions in your application by default, and they are all sent asynchronously to the web with delivery garantee. By the way, you can also send exceptions manually.


Ready for total Pushlink customization? A WEB API exists and provides two main functionalities:

  • The ability to upload the apk from outside the administrator panel;
  • Devices metadata available.

The first one makes it easier the deployment if you want to automate it, for example, and the second comes at hand if you want a personalized usage view.

People Using Pushlink

Loving how easy @pushlink makes it to deploy updates to our @QudiniHQ android users. Fraser Hardy
Thanks so much for your service. I just set it up today and it was so easy. You guys have done a fantastic job. Joel Carlson